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Jaclyn Schlindwein, MAcOM and LAc.

Owner, Magic Moon Medicinals and Magic Moon Medicine

As a licensed acupuncturist, the idea of medicinal baths was born while writing treatment plans.  I have learned that my patients love it when I prescribe “homework”- little acts of self care that are an important part of health and well-being. I have found that self love is empowering and the action of setting intentions and taking accountability in one’s own health journey is incredibly healing. 

Throughout the years, I have seen patients struggle with treatment plans that involve major lifestyle changes.  However, when I write a treatment plan for a patient that tells them to go on a hike or take a bath, almost every patient returns to their next treatment glowing from a good dose of bathing (whether it be forest bathing or water bathing) and a renewed sense of wellbeing. 

Being a huge bath lover myself, I found myself in the bath tub one day, dreaming of combining a few of my favorite passions (aromatherapy, stone medicine, and herbs).  I decided to create one little yet potent healing tool- the medicinal bath bomb.  Pretty soon, I was sharing these creations in my practice, where I witnessed the positive and almost immediate impact they had on my patients.  It wasn't long until other practitioners were asking to share this magic with their patients too. And that, my dear ones,  is how Magic Moon Medicinals was born. So make some time for you, light some candles, draw a bath and get ready for some YOU time. I know you will love all our magical and healing products.  <3

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Stay Wild, Moon Child.

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