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Passion Acupoint Essential Oil Roll On Blend with Jasmine

Passion Acupoint Essential Oil Roll On Blend with Jasmine

Based on Five Elements Medicine, the Passion acupoint essential oil blend balances the Fire Element.

This essential oil blend features Jasmine essential oil and healing stone black obsidian.


Passion treats the Chinese Medicine Heart and Small Intestine conditions.


It helps to support a healthy relationship with self, others, and your personal desires.


The Fire Element can be destructive, yet is an agent for renewal. It fuels transformation. Fire alters the inner structure and has the ability to change things into something new.


Fire is activity, motion, passion, desire, and creation. It is essential for life and growth. It is the joy which brings light and opens the heart.


Imbalances with the Fire Element can manifest as feeling too hot or too cold, heart racing or an awareness of your heart beat, insomnia and sleep issues, feeling anxious, hyperactivity, overly talkative, inflammation, flushing ruddy or pale complexion, a difficult time following through, lack of joy, difficulty speaking up, and restless.

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